• Buti Yoga Workshop

    Saturday, July 26th 4-5:30pm
    Join Carla, Jamie and Stephanie for a brief history of Buti, learn signature moves, proper alignment and enjoy 3 unique Buti styles with 3-20 minutes classes. $20 per student

Lauren Strait

Lauren Strait

lauren strait portland yoga dance

Lauren Strait spent 20 years dedicated to the art of dance and has always been intrigued by the ever present and powerful connection of body and mind.  She was introduced to the practice of yoga while studying dance in college and has been fascinated and hooked ever since.  Lauren found that the gift of time and space to turn inward for exploration and discovery was life changing and compelled her to complete her 200 hour training with Marianne Wells in Costa Rica in early 2010. Since then her teaching has been influenced and inspired by studying with teachers such as Sharon Gannon, David Life and Seane Corn.  Lauren’s passion for yoga is growing and evolving every day on and off the mat and she strongly believes that, if given the opportunity, the yoga practices can transform our bodies and our minds and provide ways for us to manifest the lives we’ve always dreamed of.  It’s her goal to create the space as a teacher for students to inquire and investigate within, challenge themselves and make discoveries to enable unparalleled growth on their individual journey.  
She offers a fun and challenging class infused with mindfulness to build awareness, enhance physical and energetic vitality, and foster stillness and peacefulness. Lauren believes the practices of yoga unlock the doors to a world of possibility and infinite opportunity if we can simply shift our perception.